CESNET operates Where Are You From (WAYF) also known as Discovery Service (DS) for eduID.cz federation entities since 2012. The main goal is to provide federation users with WAYF supporting both personal computers as well as modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running various operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux/UNIX, macOS, iOS and Android).

WAYF for all devices is available at:

  • https://ds.eduid.cz/wayf.php


There is a configuration manual for both federation entities:

General Information

  • Browsers with HTML5 support “remember” visited IdPs and offer them to users.

  • Remembered IdPs might be managed by users.

  • IdPs from various academic federations available (eduID.cz, eduGAIN, Haka).
  • Implicitly offers IdPs from the federation the SP belongs to.
  • IdPs shown to users are configured using a filter at the Service Provider.
  • User Interface looks like system dialog windows in browsers supporting JavaScript.
  • Support for mobile devices.

  • Support for IdP icons.

Source Code

eduID.cz WAYF is also available as a source code for download at CESNET's GitHub repository under BSD-3-Clause.

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