WAYF/DS for Identity Providers

See also a page with general information about eduID.cz WAYF/DS.

IdP Metadata

WAYF reads and shows information (such as names and icons) from federation metadata. Please, be sure to provide sufficient and correct information in metadata in order for your users to find your institution easily during login process.

Organization Name

Your organization name is read from the following metadata elements in this particular order:

  • <mdui:DisplayName> within <mdui:UIInfo>
  • <md:OrganizationDisplayName> within <md:Organization>
  • <md:OrganizationName> within <md:Organization>

You should provide at least English (and Czech if possible) version of the organization.

WAYF selects and shows organization logo defined in <mdui:Logo> within <mdui:UIInfo> element in metadata based on the following procedure:

  • the first icon with 40 pixels height and en language
  • the first logo with 40 pixels height and any language
  • the first logo with en language
  • the biggest logo

In case that the selected icon is not provided in a version with 40 pixels height, transformation to 40 pixels takes place first.

Although any graphic format might be used, PNG is prefered.

Metadata Example

Further information about the mentioned elements is available at eduID.cz metadata profile.

        <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="en">Technology Institut</mdui:DisplayName>
        <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="cs">Institut technologie</mdui:DisplayName>
        <mdui:Logo xml:lang="en" height="40" width="40">https://www.example.org/logo_en_40px.png</mdui:Logo>
        <mdui:Logo xml:lang="cs" height="40" width="40">https://www.example.org/logo_cs_40px.png</mdui:Logo>
  <!-- metadata -->
  <!-- ........ -->
  <!-- metadata -->
    <md:OrganizationName xml:lang="en">Technology Institut Ltd.</OrganizationName>
    <md:OrganizationName xml:lang="cs">Institut technologie, s. r. o.</OrganizationName>
    <md:OrganizationDisplayName xml:lang="en">Technology Institut</OrganizationDisplayName>
    <md:OrganizationDisplayName xml:lang="cs">Institut technologie</OrganizationDisplayName>
    <md:OrganizationURL xml:lang="en">http://www.example.org/en</OrganizationURL>
    <md:OrganizationURL xml:lang="cs">http://www.example.org/cs</OrganizationURL>

XML Namespaces

All the examples above specify XML namespaces explicitly. Be sure to provide valid metadata.
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