Metadata format

The eduID.cz federation requires metadata compatible with the SAML Metadata 2.0 specification.

:!: The metadata must containt information about the organization (the Organization element) and at least one technical contact (the ContactPerson element).

Metadata publication

Metadata publication is a process, in which the administrative contact responsible for the component (service provider) submits its metadata to the operator of the eduID.cz federation. The operator verifies the metadata and if they are valid, includes them in the federation metadata.

The eduID.cz federation requires that the metadata publication must be performed in a secure way and that only authorised personnel should submit metadata for a federation component. All members from the Czech academic community must use S/MIME signed emails for metadata submissions. Signing certificates are being issued by the TCS service.

The external members of the eduID.cz federation, especially those situated outside the Czech Republic, can use alternative ways of metadata submission. These alternative ways do not require any visits to the CESNET RA Office, but still guarantee high level of assurance that the metadata are being submitted by an authorised personnel and are not modified by a third party.

Publication by S/MIME signed email

The metadata need to be sent to info@eduid.cz as an email attachment by the respective administrative contact. The email must contain details, that allow the sender to be verified. The sender address must be the same as the one registered in the appointment form and must contain valid S/MIME signature. The certificate used for the S/MIME signature must be issued to the person appointed as an administrative contact and must contain its registered email.

List of accepted CAs:

  • Any accredited commercial CA. If the administrative contact has a personal certificate issued by a commercial CA, it may be used as well, but first the issuer CA should be accredited by the operator of the eduID.cz federation. Send your requests to info@eduid.cz.
  • Any CA that is currently issuing certificates via TCS service.

Metadata distribution

The federation metadata are available at a location accessible through HTTP and maintained by the operator of the federation. The valid URLs as well as another tehcnical details are available in the Detaily eduID.cz section.

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