Czech academic identity federation eduID.cz

Welcome to the Czech academic identity federation eduID.cz site! The purpose of the eduID.cz federation is to provide means for inter-organizational identity management and access control to network services, while respecting the privacy of the users. The eduID.cz federation is operated by CESNET.

eduID.cz is a member of eduGAIN and participates in REFEDS.

Why federation?

  • users may access multiple applications using just one password
  • single sign-on
  • service provider administrators do not have to preserve user's credentials and implement authentication
  • user authentication is always performed at the home organization, user credenitals are not revealed to the service providers
  • the federation infrastructure implements easy, standards-compliant and secure methods for exchange of user information

Federation structure

CESNET acts as an operator of the federation - enforces the federation policy and coordinates all the activity, manages member registration, provides support and resolves security incidents.

Federation members are organizations, which have been completed the registration process. Member organizations may run one or more components which release user information or provide services. Dependent on the purpose, there are two types of federation components:

  • identity provider - connected to the organization's user management system, provides authentication and user information
  • service provider - provides online services or acces to online resources


Every organization, which complies with the Access Policy, may become a member without restrictions. Other organizations may join the federation, but as service providers only. More information about the membership is available in the How to join section.


The eduID.cz federation is based on the Shibboleth project developed by Internet2. Since it is a standard-compliant SAML implementation, it may be compatible with other SAML implementations like simpleSAMLphp for example.


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