How to join

An organisation becomes a member of the eduID.cz federation by registering an administrative contact - a person (one or more), which represents the organisation in its communication with the operator of the eduID.cz federation. The administrative contacts are responsible for metadata submission of each service provider. The administrative contact can appoint technical contacts for each service provider within the organisation. The technical contacts are responsible for the technical implementation of the components and can submit metadata of a service provider too. A federation component (service provider) becomes a part of the federation, when the respective administrative contact publishes the metadata of the component and the operator of the federation verifies it and includes it in the federation metadata.

:!: The exact steps required for joining the federation are described in our Step-by-step guide.

Administrative contact registration

To register an administrative contact it is necessary to fill in the appointment form (doc), have it signed and stamped by the statutary body of the organisation and send the signed original to the address:

eduID.cz admin
CESNET, z. s. p. o.
Zikova 4
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Technical implementation

The technical contacts listed in the service provider's metadata are responsible for the technical implementation - installation and configuration of compatible software. Both administrative and technical contacts can submit Service Provider metadata. Some details are available in the Technical info.

Metadata publication

The metadata of a component (service provider) are published by the administrative or technical contact listed in the appointment form. In order to make the component a part of the eduID.cz federation, the administrative or technical contact has to publish its metadata and keep them up to date. Metadata publication is generally a process of submitting the component's metadata to the operator of the eduID.cz federation, which then verifies them and includes them into the federation metadata. Metadata submission must be performed in a secure way - by an S/MIME secured email or an alternative way. More details about metadata publication are available in the Technical info.

Step-by-step guide

This is a simple step-by-step guide, how to join the eduID.cz federation.

If you have any questions, please, send them to our official contact:

1. Register administrative and technical contacts

Register one or more administrative and technical contacts, who will represent your company/organization.

2. Negotiate metadata publication method

Your metadata have to be published in a secure way. For more details how to do it, see Metadata publication in the Techical info section, please. Let us know, which method suits you best and we will do the necessary arrangements.

3. Metadata publication

Publish metadata using the method negotiated in step 2. You will receive confirmation, that your metadata have been published successfully.

4. Testing

After your metadata have been successfully published, your Shibboleth Service Provider becomes a part of the federation. eduID.cz with one of eduID.cz member in a partnership will conduct testing and final tuning interoperability of your Service Provider in eduID.cz federation. After successful testing set up guides will be prepared and Shibboleth authentication at your service will be announced among Czech academic community.

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